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Project Director-Afghanistan

In partnership with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MOLSAMD) and UNICEF-Afghanistan
Project Director-Afghanistan

UNICEF has been supporting the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MOLSAMD) to develop national capacity in child-centered social work. In the absence of a school of social work in Afghanistan and to address the immediate needs of vulnerable children, UNICEF and MOLSAMD have begun a project to formalize social work as recognized profession in Afghanistan. Experiences gathered by implementing partners of the social work training and coaching system show the need for:

a) a common framework regarding expected professional competencies of social workers; b) accountability mechanisms among social work practitioners and child care providers; c) a registered and accredited institution providing social work training and d) a regulatory mechanism to monitor and control the quality of social work/social workers.

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